About Larissa

Hello! if you are on this page, you are probably looking for a little more info on who I am and what I do. Well, here’s a bit about me and what motivates me to write this blog.

  • I was originally from Norfolk where I studied at Easton College and then UEA, before moving to London (and now back in Norfolk again!)
  • I am a professional ecologist (GradCIEEM) and wildlife gardener on a sabbatical from the Natural History Museum in London. However – all views posted on this blog are my own and are not associated with the Museum in any way.
  • I love all aspects of ecology and wildlife gardening but botany has to be my favourite. I can spend hours looking at and learning about plants.
  • I am a mother to two. At 9, my oldest can identify many British hedgerow shrub species, some trees and a few flowers. She is awesome, courageous and I am a very proud mama.
  • Ticks freak me out and I am terrified of mud – the sinking into it and never, ever getting out of it kind of mud. I also love swimming in the sea but nearly have a panic attack if I see a jellyfish.
  • I love writing and I love the natural world so this blog combines the two. I might also write about other things occasionally but I’ll try and keep this blog focussed. I like writing for kids too, because it’s important that they learn to love the outdoors.
  • I like to draw, but I prefer using the computer to do it than a pencil and am a sucker for vector-based artwork and painting using photoshop. All design work on my blog and social media platforms is my own and a big part of the fun!
  • My Dad was a big inspiration in my career path and his long walks in the countryside as a kid are pretty much why I’m here. Who knew that being so irritating and energetic that I was ‘walked’ would be the basis of a career! Thanks Dad.


I should also say that this is my personal blog and everything I write are my views only and do not represent those of the place I work, the company I keep or the spider that lives in my office. His name is Jeremy. *edit – Jeremy moved on. It was a sad day.


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