About Larissa

Hello! Thank you for sticking around this page long enough to find the ‘About me’ section. Here’s a little info on my background and what motivates me to write this blog.

I am a freelance ecologist and wildlife gardener as well as a shepherd, fiber artist and writer.  I studied at the University of East Anglia and then spent a number of years helping to manage the Wildlife Garden at the Natural History Museum, London. In 2017 my family and I made the decision to leave the hustle of London and relocate to South Norfolk to the beautiful countryside to live a much slower paced lifestyle. We are surrounded by fields and woodland and have I’ve been lucky to expand my interest in textiles with my own flock of Shetland sheep.

I am fascinated by all aspects of ecology and wildlife gardening but especially botany and the links between plants and insects. I am also very passionate about living sustainably – including eco-consious parenting, and I love sharing my knowledge and inspiring other’s to protect the natural world -which is ever so important if we are ever going to mitigate against the climate crisis.





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